Dubatovskaya Olga Anatol’evna

Dubatovskaya Olga Anatol’evna

Dubatovskaya Olga Anatol’evna, вorn in Minsk, Belarus.

In 2002 graduated MinskStateArtCollege and entered at the vocal-chorus faculty of the BelarusianAcademy of Music. Here she has been awarded by the Bachelor Degree in Art. In 2007 she entered Master Course at the BelarusianAcademy of Music.

Since 2007 she is working as a teacher of choral disciplines at the faculty of aesthetical education of the Belarusian Pedagogical University.In 2008 she entered PhD course at the BelarusianAcademy of Music, scientific adviser, Prof. Dr. Ph. T.G.Mdivani.

Research theme: “Choral texture, its features of creativity in composer’s art work at the last third of XX century – beginning of XXI century (East-European areal)”. Dubatovskaya Olga – a member of the the Belarusian Music Professionals Union, Societies of the theory music (Russia).

Publications (in Russian)
    1. Dubatovskaya O.A. Evolution of the choral texture in “Stabat Mater” by K.Penderetsky (in print).
    2. Dubatovskaya O.A. Textural mobility at the sonorant conditions in the modern choral music (in print).
    3. Dubatovskaya O.A. System of the modern choral texture: thesaurus, relation between elements, typology // Questions of art knowledge, ethnology and folklore. Vyp. 7 / K. Krapiva Institute of Art, Ethnology and Folklore. Scientific Editor A.I.Lakotka. – Minsk: Law and Economics Publisher, 2009. – P. 130-135.
    4. Dubatovskaya O.A. Non-classical types of the choral texture in the modern composer art work: V.Kuznetsov “Homily by Father Zosima” (“Pouchenie Otza Zosima”) and V.Stepurko “Thanks to God” (“Dzjakujte Gospodu”) (in print).

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