The Association of the Belarusian Music Researchers (ABMR) is a subdivision of the Belarusian Music Professionals Union (BMPU). The ABMR has been established for the scientific interpretation and popularization of the achievements in the field of academic music (composing and performing arts), for the discussion of urgent professional issues, their distribution, and for the active involvement of the ABMR members in the development of modern musicology in Belarus and beyond its borders. The official resolution to establish the ABMR was made on April 2, 2013 by the BMPU Council (Meeting Minutes №1/3). The guidance for the association is provided by the ABMR’s General Assembly and Coordinating Committee, with the ABMR’s Inspector as a controlling and auditing body. The Chairperson of the ABMR is T. Mdivani, with G. Tsmyg as the Vice-Chairperson, I. Gorbushina as the Secretary and N. Matsaberidze as the Inspector.